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SDG Innovation Network: Successful strategy meeting

The SDG Innovation Network held its first Lac-à-l'épaule (LAL) on September 13, 2023 at the Centre national intégré du manufacturier intelligent (CNIMI) in Drummondville. This strategic meeting brought together the Network's 8 member universities, as well as representatives from the Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation (MEIE).


A fruitful day for the Network
The exchanges were rich and constructive. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the future of the Network, as well as current issues and projects.
Participants discussed the Network's vision for 2026. They agreed on the importance of pursuing collaboration between universities and companies, in order to contribute to the transitio
n towards a more smart, digital and green society. Participants also identified the Network's priorities for the coming years. These include:

  • The development of SDG skills to ensure a highly qualified next generation;

  • The Network's impact on the SDG ecosystem;

  • Improving the Network's governance.

MEIE hails Network's role as a bridge between universities and SMEs
The MEIE underlined the important role played by the Network as a bridge between universities and SMEs. The Ministry also praised member universities' commitment to working together to meet the challenges of smart, digital and green innovation.

Points discussed at LAL 2023
Morning - Vision 2026: A strategic alliance for a smart, digital and green future

  • Introduction and overview of current projects

  • Activities, priorities and future major collaborative projects SDG Leaders: For a more resilient and efficient Network, thanks to smart, digital and green technologies

  • SDG Skills Development: Ensuring a highly qualified SDG succession

  • Impact of the Network on the SDG ecosystem: A catalyst for change towards a more intelligent, digital and green world

Afternoon - Network operations (2023-24)

  • OTN2 SME projects: Sustainable growth for SMEs, thanks to smart, digital and green technologies

  • Foncer: Training program for leadership in manufacturing systems science and engineering 4.0 

  • Governance: For effective and inclusive decision-making

  • Academic visibility of the Network: mobilization, activities and recognition

  • SDG International and other national members: For global and inclusive collaboration

  • Conclusion and feedback MEIE

Visit of CNIMI

LAL 2023 was an important opportunity for the SDG Innovation Network to meet and discuss its future. The discussions were very fruitful, and helped to identify avenues of development for the coming years. The Network is well positioned to play a leading role in smart, digital and green innovation in Quebec.

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